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• Safe for non-stick cookware.

• Functional part made of silicone.

• Keep away from flame.

• Ideal for home, hawker, hotel and restaurant use.



•  Hard chrome plating over 65º.

•  Ensure efficient and sharp sharpening result.

•  Humanized handle designed for asthetic and partical purpose.



• Stackable and fit very well in drawers and kitchen.

• Ideal for home, hawker, hotel and restaurant use.


WUCHTProduk Tempat Bumbu Dapur Terbaik Lion Star

- Terbuat Dari Bahan Plastik Berkualitas Tinggi

- Harga yang tertera untuk 1set

- Kuat dan Tebal

- Sangat praktis

- Mudah digunakan

- Mudah ditempatkan dimana saja

- Tahan Lama - Warna Tergantung Stock Tersedia

- Mudah Dicuci

- Pembelian lebih dari 1set akan dikirim beda warna

- BPA Free aman untuk makanan

- Bisa Digantung

- Cocok untuk tempat Garam, Lada, Gula


JM148 Crab Cracker

Products Description:

A crab cracker (also known as a lobster cracker or crab claw cracker) is a specialized food utensil, similar in construction (and sometimes appearance) to certain types of nutcrackers, used to crack the hard shells of crabs and lobsters by pulling the two handles together to access the flesh inside, while preparing or eating them.

Dimension           : L 170mm x W 46mm x H 22mm

Weight                : 163g

Barcode              : 9 555031 609896

Material              : Zinc Die Casting With Copper Plating

Handle                : White ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

•  Used to crack the hard shells of crabs and lobsters.

•  Ergonomically designed and comfortable handle which provides great comfort grip.

•  Ideal for home, hawker, hotel and restaurant use.


1. For better performance of the product, it is recommended to wash and dry it very carefully before storing. 

2. Keep out of reach of children.



•  High quality, durable stainless steel blades.

•  Balanced handle designed - good for both right and left handed use.

•  Ergonomics streamline design and comfortable grip handles.

•  Ideal for both home and office use.

•  Suitable for cutting paper, plastic bags, PVC film, cardboard, fabric, ribbon, etc


Multifunctional Cooking Strainers

The right assortment of strainer allows you to save time, and be more efficient in the kitchen! You can make the same french fries, fried meat, fried chicken, donuts, and so on as in the restaurant and enjoy the real delicious meal. Also perfect for noodles, penne pasta, boiled eggs, seafood, hot pot, etc.

  • HIGH QUALITY & SAFETY MATERIAL - This spider strainer is made of food-grade stainless steel, BPA Free and other chemical material. It can effectively resist rust and scaling caused by long-term use, won't rust, bend and break, ensuring the food safety of you and your family.
  • INNOVATION SLOTTED & HANDLE DESIGN - The web-like design skimmer can safely scoop up foods and drains away hot oil and boiling liquids. New designed sturdy outer framework and handle ensure excellent control for comfortable and safety use, meanwhile, protect your hands from hot grease and oils when cooking or frying.
  • This strainer can hold and drain everything, deep enough to difficult to splash out. It's perfect for frying, draining, cleaning, washing, including chips, chickens, noodles, spaetzli, pasta, spaghetti, as well as fruits and vegetables, perfect choice for your kitchen utensils.
  • EASY HANGING & STORAGE & CLEANING - The hanging loop makes kitchen strainer can be hung on the wall after use to keep dry and clean. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, good for daily use
  • Great for straining excess liquid from any foods
  • Strain any kind of fruits and vegetables to get rid of excess water. Create a perfect lunch salad with cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and sliced apples, etc.
  • Size available : 14cm / 16cm / 18cm / 20cm / 22cm


•  Safe for non-stick cookware.

•  Functional part made of silicone.

•  Keep away from flame. 

•  Ideal for home, hawker, hotel and restaurant use.


Dimension           : L 83cm x W 9.7cm x H 7cm 

Weight                : 588g

Barcode              : 9 555031 608493

Material              : Cotton


•  Slots for 4 knives, 2 cutting board, peeler, sharpening stone and scissors.

•  Modern kitchen decoration - Make kitchen more stylish.

•  Hygiene - Easy to clean as the top cover is removable.

•  Well organized.

  • PICKS UP HEAVY PIECES OF WOOD EASILY: The smooth open and close action and strong grabbing force makes it easy to get a strong grip on pieces of wood, even if it’s heavy or an unusual shape. The design of the top teeth also captures the small logs well.
  • HOLD ON TO BURNING WOOD SAFELYNeed to move wood from one side of your fire to the other? No problem. These heavy duty tongs will keep you 26 inches away and safe from the heat, so you can get the wood exactly where you need it and keep the fire sto.
  • STORAGE IS CONVENIENTHandle position is circular arc, can hang in any place is stored, or place storeroom occupies an area of small.
  • STRONG AND STURDY: After repeated tests, we have used the best material, which is firm and durable. Besides, the rubber sleeve on the handle can effectively prevent slipping and scalding. With great strength, it can hold firewood of various shapes.
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE: Whether you’re using an indoor wood fire, an outdoor fire pit, a wood burning stove, a boiler or even a smoke house, you’ll find these fireplace tongs incredibly usefuL
  •  KF94 3D Design 

  • Pack of 10 pieces

  • Effectively block dust, air pollutants and droplets.

  • With elastic ear-loop and adaptable nose bar

  • 100% cotton for a comfortable layer of protection from airborne irritants

  • Light weight, durable and waterproof

  • Cleans tough, baked-on and over-cooked stains 3X faster than other products
  • Last 3X longer than other products
  • Scrub clean even the toughest stains and grime
  • Ideal for cast-iron pots, pans, stove burners, and other household jobs inside and out.
  • 4 pieces in packet
  • Made of high quality food grade stainless steel 
  • Sturdy outer frame and handle
  • Strong netting buildup
  • Used for removing fried or boiled food from hot liqiud
  • Available in sizes: 15cm, 17cm, 20cm, 22.5cm, 25cm
  • Japanese Yanagiba knife, used for slicing ultra-thin slices for dishes such as sushi and sashimi
  • Santoku Knife -- All purpose: For Vegetable, Fish, Meat. Blade Length: 16cm
  • Nakiri Knife -- Chopping For Vegetable. Blade Length: 16cm
  • Sashimi Knife -- Slicing: Slicing raw fish. Blade Length 21 / 24 / 27 / 30cm
  • Molybdenum Rust-Resistant Steel Blade, Razor Sharp Edge. Wooden handle offers maximum comfort & control, Plastic Bolster
  • Made in Japan with High Quality
  • Wooden handle offers maximum comfort & control
  • Molybdenum Rust-Resistant Steel Blade, Razor Sharp Edge, Easy to sharpen
  • Made in Japan with High Quality