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  • Capacity Available : 1500ml / 2000ml / 3800ml
  • Design: 6 ENDANGERED SPECIES design for selection
  • Made of high quality Tritan Copolyester
  • BPA Free
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Withstand temperature from -10℃ to 80℃
  • Inspiration: SDG 15 Life in Land

Relax bottles are made from high quality Tritan Copolyester (BPA free) and quality approved by FDA(USA) and LFGB(Germany). On top of that, it is eco-friendly as it is produced with less waste and energy. This is how Relax helps in saving our earth & environment by producing reusable and durable products.


• Fork and spoon has ergonomical handle grip design to fit comfortably when you use it

•  Good polishing effect and no rough edges is modern and beautiful, and can be used with your tableware

• Dessert Fork and Spoon is ideal to be used in families, bistros, bars, parties and other gatherings to add brilliance

• It has a stylish antique design and Exquisite size, is perfect for appetizers, desserts, mini cakes, fruits, seafood, etc.

• Iis made of robust, food-grade, wear-resistance and durable Stainless steel material and hard to bend without worry about peeling paint

  • MULTIPLE USAGE: The silicone mat can be used on kitchen counters or sinks, as a liner for refrigerators or drawers,a heatproof mat,a non-slip pet food mat and so on
  • The unique grain design can drain the water of wet dish efficiently and quickly and allow water to evaporate quic
  • Silicone Dish Drying Mat is also a heat-resistant pad heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit / 230 degrees Celsius
  • The silicone pad is soft and flexible. so Silicone Dish Drying Mat can be rolled up or folded conveniently
  • This silicone pad is easy to clean and can be rinsed directly or scrubbed with water
  • Silicone pads have multiple uses and can be used as refrigerator or drawer linings heat-resistant pads non-slip pet food pads
  • Multi-purpose premium silicone non-slip hot mat ideal to use as a trivet for hot dishes, potholder, placemat or for opening jars
  • The honey comb design creates soft spongy flexible mat which also captures spills and liquids, perfect to use as a spoon rest
  • Odour, stain and heat resistant up to 250 C/482 F and will protect your kitchen worktop or dinner table
  • High quality superior grade silicone material, dishwasher safe and hygienic
  • With hanging loop for easy storage
  • Size : Square 17cm
  • Anti-scalding and heat insulation: heat-resistant and effective heat insulation to protect your beloved table from being scalded. Daily household hot pots and soup bowls are used for heat insulation

  • Bending freely: Made of soft silicone material, waterproof, anti-skid, cold and heat resistant, not easy to deform and easy to clean, can be used repeatedly
  • Texture design: honeycomb texture design, enhanced friction, stable and not easy to slip
  • Suspension design, does not take up space, There are
  • Available in 10 colors of hanging holes on the mat to add beautiful colors to your home and kitchen
  • [100% Pure cotton] Muslin Cloth is made from 100% unbleached food-grade cotton. Safe, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, soft surface, comfortable feel, good breathability


  • [Perfect Size & No Need Cutting] The package contains 5 muslin cloths. The size of each cloth is 60 X 46cm which is most common size for daily use. The effective size make it works well, you needn't cut the cloth any more.


  • Durable & Reusable &Washable: Our Muslin Cloth is reusable many times over, unlike others that just for one-time use. Our muslin cloths stand out the durability and long lifespan of the cloth. It is lint free, washable and easy to clean. You only need to clean it with a mild detergent and warm water. Scrub between your hands until the cheesecloth is clean. If it has picked up small particles, you can boil for up to 15 minutes until it looks clean.


  • [Wide Application] Our muslin cloth is high quality food grade, there is no color will dye over the foods at all. It is a very versatile tool for household cooking and chef's ingredients preparation.


  • It can be used to filter various foods, almond milk, milk, soy milk, fruit juice, or yogurt, nut milk and kombucha. It is also useful for bone broth, steaming poultry, basting turkey, decanting wine, straining soup stocks and custards, pressing tofu, making soft cheeses and traditional cheong fun making
  • 【MATERIAL】: Pure cotton and soft.(100%)
  • 【NONSTICK】: Nothing stick and easy to clean. It's easy to remove the food without breaking the wrap or skin.
  • 【EASY CLEAN】: It is washable, it can be washed by dishwasher, Non-distortion, Not shrink.
  • 【DURABLE】: High temperature resistance, suitable from -20℃ - 180℃. Reusable, you no longer need to cut out paper or find vegetable leaves to line the steamer. Eco-friendly alternative to paper liners.
  • Dimension : W900 x L600 x H800mm
  • Two Tiers Working Table
  • Solid Quality
  • Legs secured by single set-screw design
  • Special designed galvanized undershelf with aluminum casting for reinforced leg support
  • Top reinforced with welded-on hat channel
  • May use as kitchen equipment support table top such as griller or griddle
  • Material SUS201

• Holds up to 250 unwrapped straws

• Heavy gauge housing

• Easy to load

• Reduces waste

• Saves money

• Patented dispensing mechanism for one-at-a-time dispensing


The Delightful Centerpiece for Any Festive Table ~ The Perfect Gift Idea

• Natural & Eco-friendly: This Cheese board is passionate about healthy eating . That is why our serving platters are made from 100% Natural Bamboo. They are BPA free and NEVER treated with harmful chemicals or dye's. Rest assured that you and your family's health is our top priority.

• Innovative & Rational Design: Cheese board is used to serve cheese, appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, charcuterie (cured meats),crackers and nuts and other snacks.The groove is ideal for crackers, toast or crusty baguette and the ceramic bowl placement point is perfect for bowl with jam,nuts or dipping sauce.The unique vertical knife block will keep your cheese knives organized and display their true beauty.The size is 35.56 cm(L) X 27.94 cm(W) X 1.52 cm ( H ), and weight is (2.3Ib).

• 4 Stainless Steel Cheese Tools: Every cheese board set comes with premium cutting knives, includes everything you need to serve a variety of cheeses, soft Brie, crumbly blue, hard Parmesan, sharp cheddar,this set can handle them all.All utensils are crafted from high-quality kitchen grade stainless steel and bamboo handles.

• The Perfect Gift Idea: Our stunning boards make an ideal gift for just about any occasion – whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding gift, anniversary, housewarming, thanksgiving or simply a wine and cheese party – your gift will be the most memorable, guaranteed!

• Always Looks Good: Whether you want a platter for bread, charcuterie, cheese, pizza, appetizers, antipasti, desserts, fresh fruits or anything else – make sure it always looks good enough to eat by artfully arranging your selection on the cheese board.


• 6 hard blades - Hard stainless steel blades conforming to German quality standards ensure perfect chopping, mixing, soups and controlled processing. The ice and frozen fruits are crushed in a few seconds. stand mixer high performance so the ice is crushed faster than with the other mixers, and the ingredients are evenly mixed.

• Tritan blending jug with large capacity: The professional 2 litre blending jug is strong and dirt-repellent. The two-piece lid features a removable lid stopper for adding ingredients during mixing; Smoothie maker is ideal for preparing drinks or smoothies for the business usage or whole family.

The stainless steel knife with 6 sharpened blades is designed for a perfect crushing, combined with the 28,000 revolutions per minute as many cells split and the maximum in vitamins and chlorophyll are released

• They have a continuous speed control which can be operated manually – also preset programmes: Ice Cube Crushen, smoothie, HR function

Easy to clean immediately after the use in mix container filled with water and washing-up liquid – Container can be completely disassembled Tiefensaubere cleaning – A Healthy Diet with unlimited idea wide range is now no longer in the way.


• 4 tiers for organizing inventory
• Great for coffee shops and cafes
• For use with 1 liter and 750 mL flavoring syrup bottles
• Slim wire frame optimizes space
• Slanted profile makes each bottle easy to reach
• Holds up to 4 different syrup flavors
• Colour:Black
• Material:iron with coating

  • 30cm x 5meters length

Withstands high heat and extreme cold
• Prevents Germs and Bacteria
• Barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria


【WUCHT】  304 Stainless Steel CoffeeDessert Pastry Spoon  Shovel Shape Spoon Fork Creative Reusable

        Shovel spoon 15.5 CM X 3.4 CM
        Square spoon 15.5 CM X 3.4 CM

Package: 1 pc
Polish:High quality mirror polish


① 304 Stainless Steel,not easy to rust

② With shovel design, convenient to serve

③ With hand polish,the surface and the edg of the
    spoon is smooth,and easy to be cleaned.

  • Food Grade Silicone Baking MatThis baking mat is made of food grade silicone, safe and durable, keep yourself and your family healthy.
  • Multi Size & PurposeVarious size silicone baking mats

Rectangular 42 x 29.5cm / 40 x 60cm / 30 x 21cm & Round 22.8cm,  thickness 0.7mm

  • Perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread /pizza.
  • Perfect for baking The non stick baking mat sets can withstand a temperature range of -40°F to 480°F, making them safe for the oven, microwave, and freezer. Also these mats provide consistent heat distribution, which helps with even baking and browning.
  • Easy to Clean& StorageSilicone baking mats are nonstick so the cookies will come off easily and they are also easy to clean. Can be rolled up for easy storage
  • Non-stick surface & Anti-slip bottomThe mat is nonstick, you can easily wipe out any kind of food residues and crumbs, whether it be sticky sugar, caramel, greasy sauce. The mat will securely sit on the countertop and give you a stable surface where you can shape and roll your dough.