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Exquisite design, easy to useHappy Cook super durable with magnetic stone. This Happy Cook frying Pan has a delicate design, easy to use for everyone in the family. The pan is 24cm, 26cm and 28cm in size with the depth of 5cm, designed into a high pan, can be used to fry fish, fry meat, make an omelet or stir-fry vegetables.


【 Standard material, safe for healthHappy Cook super durable kitchen stone pan, Happy Cook Frying Pan is made from 99.75% pure aluminum, 2.3mm thick, able to absorb heat quickly and radiate heat evenly across the surface of the pan. The basin is coated with super durable non-stick stone, certified for safety for the health of users. The layer of stone has the effect of preventing grease or food from sticking to the pan, so you can clean the pan very easily.


【 Rolling pan with insulation, convenient hanging holeThe Bakelite-coated pan handle has very good thermal insulation, the slim design makes it comfortable to hold during cooking. In addition, the end of the pan has holes, making it easy to store the pan without wasting much space in the kitchen space.


【 Flat bottom, can be used on all types of cookersThe super durable Happy Cook kitchen stone pan has a flat bottom, helping to maximize the contact area with the heat source, thereby saving fuel and heating time.

With standard aluminum material, and integrated inox layer at the bottom, the super durable induction cooker Happy Cook can be used on gas, infrared and induction cookers easily.


HONEYCOMB HYBRID TECHNOLOGY - High-precision micro-engraving technology of our stainless steel wok increases the area of the steel mesh to 99%, which is more flexible than traditional wok pans. The engraving area is larger, and the wok is fully covered by honeycomb, which greatly improves nonstick performance of this wok

  • FANTASTIC FAMILY MEALS : Deal For Everyday Use, Most Chinese Restaurants Use This Type Of Wok! It Can For Boiling, Braising, Searing, Deep Frying And Steaming.
  • ROBUST: For High-temperature Cooking, And Can Be Safely Used With Metal Utensils.
  • VER VER VERSATILITY : Suitable For All Heat Sources Including Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen, Induction And Solid Fuel.
  • Ergonomic Handle Helper: Proven To Stay Cool With A Solid Handle To Ease Lifting, It Effectively Blocks Out 80 Percent Of Heat Transmission, Safe To Use.
  • Three Layers Composite Pan:Made From Food Grade Stainless Steel,Heating Evenly Makes It Non-stick With An Uncoated Design To Avoid Sticking And Reduce Smoke, Very Easy To Wash The Pan.
  • Oven safe, lead, cadmium, & heavy metal free coating; Longer lasting than typical non-stick; dishwasher safe
  • It is recommended to heat the pan with cooking oil before each use, so that the non-stickiness of the pan can be optimized.Cleans up easily with soft cleaning cloth, dishwasher safe (hand wash is recommended).
  • State of the art: textured steel pixels rise above the non-stick to create a scratch resistant surface and allow for perfect cooking every time
  • 100% scratch resistant: cooks like Stainless Steel with the advantages of non-stick cleanup; metal utensil safe-won't scratch or alter cooking surface
  • Available in variety sizes and design
  • Available in size of : 1 Handle : 32cm / 34cm / 36cm
  • 2 Handles 36cm / 38cm / 40cm / 42cm
  • Cover : Glass Flat Lid / Stainless Steel with Glass Window Dome Lid